Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Poor thing, not even a day old. The little guy was hanging out by the fence and our neighbor's Doberman tunneled underneath two fences to get to him. Grabbed him by the tail and drug him under kicking and screaming. Lily witnessed the whole thing and is pretty traumatized. She's upset because she couldn't do anything about it and had to stand helplessly by. She was very scared of the dog. Our neighbors came by when they got off of work and found him in their yard. They were so sorry and embarrassed, I felt bad for them and told them not to worry about it. They're going to fix the fence, but I have it blocked with large rocks for now.

*Sigh* At least my children are learning how to deal with sad things. That's important for when they grow up and learn that life isn't fair and never will be, that is, until Jesus comes to take us home. Then all things will be made right. God is good and He has a plan and a purpose in everything that He allows to happen to us. We may never know His reasoning until we see Him face to face, but we can trust Him to see us through the trials He gives us.


rainydaytoys said...

Good thing Lily didn't try to stop the dog or he may have mulled her too. That will leave a Mammy type impression on her brain for the rest of her life. I am so sorry she had to see it.

Rose Starr said...

Oh so sad :( What you wrote is so true, God is sovereign and will use this in Lily's life.

Love your blog Andi!!! You are a blessing to me.

Brook said...

Awww. So sad, all the way around. :( But you were so gracious. I just wanted to drop by and say, "hello". Wishing you and your family all the best.

Kindest regards,